Titus 1:

Titus was a Gentile Christian that Paul led to Christ. He often traveled with Paul. The last Bible mention of him was when he ventured to Dalmatia, later called Yugoslavia, which is now called Serbia and Montenegro.

v2: “God cannot lie.” Then God can’t do everything?!! A foolish question skeptics ask believers is, “Can God make a rock that He cannot lift?” The following response comes from apologist Rich Deem from http://www.godandscience.org/apologetics/rock.html#uUMZSV24sfbb:

“This assumes that the Christians assert that God can do everything. This verse states that “God cannot lie.” Omnipotence, although never mentioned in Scripture, simply means “the ability to do anything one sets out to do” rather than “ability to do anything.” Can God create a spherical triangle? Saying that omnipotence requires the ability to do logically impossible things is stupid. God cannot turn truth into a lie. Since an all-powerful being will always be able to accomplish whatever He sets out to do, it is impossible for an all-powerful being to fail. The above atheistic argument is arguing that since God is all-powerful He can do anything – even fail. This is like saying that since God is all-powerful He can be not all-powerful. Obviously, this is absurd. An all-powerful being cannot fail. Therefore, God can create a rock of tremendous size, but, since He is all-powerful, He will always be able to lift it. The ability to fail is not a part of omnipotence. The Bible makes it clear that God is able to do anything He wants to, and that nothing He wants to do is too difficult for Him to accomplish. This is the true meaning of omnipotence.”

Now back to God not lying. God, while in Jesus Christ on earth, COULD HAVE LIED but didn’t. During those 33 years, Satan had his chance to get God to sin, and he tried! He knew how and when to get Jesus at His most vulnerable moments. Ever wonder about the timing of Jesus’ temptations out in the wilderness? It was right after He was baptized by John the Baptist. Based on the nature of those temptations, and based on the fact that the Holy Spirit led Him to the wilderness (knowing that the fight of His life was at stake), and based on the fact that Scripture makes no mention of Jesus performing supernatural feats up to that point in His life, it was probably at this time when Jesus was suddenly anointed to perform miracles. What kind of thoughts would go through our head if this happened to us? We would be tempted to make free food (“stones to bread”) so we wouldn’t have to work for money to buy food. Another thought would be to make our supernatural abilities into a circus act to impress people (“throw yourself down” from this pinnacle because you cannot get hurt). Finally, I would think that I could have the world’s wealth and power (“I will give you all the kingdoms of this world for they are mine to give”). Quite a strong parallel here. I know I would not pass this test. How about you? Thank God for Jesus – the Only One Who could do it! If He failed, Satan would have won and we would have been doomed to misery forever.

v6-16: The Word lists the high standards to qualify to become an elder within a church. One is to be able to “exhort with sound doctrine and to refute those who contradict.” It further reveals that the trouble makers were “of the circumcision” (Jews). Today, it probably would refer to religious leaders and people who put their religion and the traditions of men over the Word of God (v14). This is what the Jews who rejected Jesus did. Always be mindful, however, that not all Jews rejected Him. All original believers who started the church were Jewish. I thank God for preserving the nation of Israel in order to produce the long awaited Messiah, and I look at any Jewish person with great respect whether or not they have Jesus in their hearts. When I meet a Jewish Christian, I really rejoice!

Titus 2:

v2: A road map for older men in Christ – temperate, dignified, sensible, sound in faith, in love, in perseverance.

v3: A road map for older women in Christ. God encourages them to love their husbands & kids, to be workers at home, kind, subject to their husbands so that the Word of God may not be dishonored. To me, this is a general guideline that makes room for exceptions. For example, not all females have husbands or children. Some females have to work outside the home. What I believe this passage means is that if a woman has a choice between taking care of the home (with husband and kids) or working away from home, home is the priority. A lying spirit within our culture has implied for years that a woman’s worth is defined by a good money-making career outside the home. This is a lie that has destroyed many households. I love it when godly women who have chosen wisely reply when asked what they “do” by saying, “I am a domestic engineer!” with a nice little smile on their face. It shows a godly choice has been made and upholds the value of the “position.” Too many women say, “I’m just a housewife.” The lie has made them feel this way. Godly men will praise their wives who have made the godly choice (Proverbs 31:28-29). Demons hate the word “role.” Furthermore, when God says for someone to submit to some authority, i.e. wives to their husbands, He is NOT saying the men are superior to women. Only this world asserts that authority equates with superiority, not God’s Kingdom. But God has ordained roles for His people and we work better together when these roles are fulfilled. The word “role” has been stereotyped as having a confining aspect that deprives an individual of freedom and respect. What they fail to realize is that the only way anyone can be truly free is when they flow in God’s will, and they would be shocked to discover how much freedom there is in God’s role for His people.

v6-8: A road map for young men, which includes being of sound speech so that opponents of truth will be shamed.

9-10: A road map for bondslaves. This is not the same type of slavery as our history of enslaving Africans. A bondslave owed money and would work off the debt over time. When the debt was paid, the person was free to go.

v11-13: Since God has saved all types of people within all sorts of social strata, all should deny ungodliness and worldly desires and to live sensibly as we all look forward to Jesus’ Coming.

Titus 3:

v1-2: Mentions specific character traits we must have: malign no one, uncontentious, gentle, showing consideration to all people, including rulers.

v5: Once again the Word says we are saved by grace, not on the basis of deeds. It was God’s mercy, not our merit.

v9: We need to shun foolish controversies and nitpicking at finer points of the law because it is unprofitable and worthless. People who argue and debate vehemently over minor issues or beliefs are usually prideful and contentious. They divide people and distract from God’s main game plan for our lives. Verse 10 says to reject such a man after a second warning.