When we want to change something that is wrong in us, our first inclination is to try to do it ourselves, and in some minor cases that may work. But what about negative strongholds like gossiping, lust (power, sex, fame, money), drug addiction, resentment/grudges, hate, depression, anxiety, brutal self-centeredness, and various fears? I had lots of built-up resentment toward my dad and I tried my best to rid myself of it for one whole year…and failed. Then I confessed to God that I did not have the ability to change this, but I knew that He loved my dad unconditionally. So I simply asked Him to give me that love…and He did! It was no small miracle to me. We have a loving Father that has so much power to help us, but we need to realize how far we have fallen (which is sometimes difficult because we are born into a fallen world). But if we are willing to totally yield our control to Jesus Christ (which goes against our fallen nature), things within us change for the better. One perk I never saw coming regarding my dad is after I was set free from resentment, no matter how ornery he got, it no longer bothered me. His disposition no longer controlled me. Wow, that is freedom! And I got this victory all because I no longer tried to be good, but let Jesus do His supernatural surgery on my dysfunctional heart. Here are some cool Scriptures that can help us with this issue: Psalms 46:10, Matthew 10:39, Matthew 19:26, and John 15:5. Have some fun discovering how great our Abba Father is. 🙂