Many Christians today do not believe in evolution but cannot offer sound scientific or Biblical reasons for their stand. Some actually believe that God used this process in His creation. The Bible says that we should always be ready to make a defense for the hope that lies within us with gentleness and reverence (1 Peter 3:15). In this essay, I will briefly explain why evolution cannot be true from both a Biblical and a scientific viewpoint.

There are some basic Biblical reasons why God did not use evolution. Scripture states plainly in both Testaments that man’s sin brought death into the world (Gen.2:17 and Romans 5:12). If evolution is true, then death was in the world for millions of years before any human did any wrong thing. Progressive Creationists believe that only human death occurred after sin, but plant and animal death was going on for millions of years (with survival of the fittest creating better species over time). If true, then God used death and suffering to create better species. I choose not to worship a god that would do his creating in that manner. The God of the Bible created everything good from the beginning. In fact, Jesus Himself said that Adam and Eve were made at the beginning of the creation (Mark 10:6).

I would hope that all Christians believe that they were “regular humans” and not some mix with animals. Adam had a language and could give names to animals. This sounds intelligent to me.

The Bible also states that each kind (species) was created after its own kind and that their flesh is not the same flesh (1 Corinthians 15:38-39). Evolution says all flesh has common ancestry (common flesh). Did animals die before Adam’s sin? No, because Romans 8:22 states that all creation groans and suffers the pains of childbirth. This includes animals and plants. However, the Hebrew word for “life” is different for plants than for humans and animals. Therefore, plants did “die” before sin. God told Adam that He gave the green plant as meat in the Garden of Eden for him to eat. If Christians try to force evolution into the Bible, they run into serious problems. In my view, they are believing in secular mankind’s thinking too readily and then interpreting the Bible from what man says, rather then letting the Bible determine truth. Man’s science changes every second. The Bible never changes.

In fact, evolution is becoming doubted by many scientists as more facts are discovered. There are serious scientific problems with the idea that all living organisms came from a single, living cell. The first problem is abiogenesis, life coming from non-life. Science today says this is impossible, but due to evolution bias, scientists are forever trying to demonstrate this possibility. They have failed miserably. The famous Miller-Urey experiment in 1953 never did give much hope that life can come from non-life, although from what science books say about it leaves one thinking it was a grand success. One thing it did prove is that in order to have life (or try to have it) high intelligence is necessary to form every molecule perfectly, along with all systems and parts of systems working immediately within the living organism or cell. If one part is not fully functional from the beginning, life cannot exist. Life also needs oxygen, however, if oxygen is present at the
time of creation it kills life! There’s a strange paradox indeed. Lastly, if evolution is true, where did the complex DNA code come from?! Codes demand a Coder. Even simple codes that lead to functionality do not come from mindless chance.

Furthermore, with our expanding knowledge of DNA, we now realize that in order for a dinosaur to evolve into a bird, which is what evolution insists happened, there are tons of genetic informational changes required to produce such a miracle. That info is not there. Also, if body parts changed into other kind of body part slowly over millions of years, how could those parts function and preserve life when they were only partially changed? If some creature was evolving from water to land, at some point it would have half a fin and
half a leg. Now it can’t swim or crawl, and would be the first to be eaten by other predators! How does survival of the fittest work here? The same can be said for legs changing into wings and scales into feathers. There is just too much of a change needed from the DNA to orchestrate such huge changes and any super gradual changes would hamper function and would be lethal to that species. Therefore, in scientific terms,
evolution truly lacks a mechanism (scientific procedure) that could cause slow evolution and would support survival.

The fossil record does not show all the necessary gradual changes. Those imprints all look exactly like those critters look today. Evolutionists claim there are millions of transitional fossils, but they define “transitional” in such a general way that anything could be viewed as one. It’s ridiculous. A bat today still looks like a fossilized bat that supposedly died millions of years ago. Public school science textbooks fail to mention these basic problems. All those chapters on evolution give students is smoke and mirrors.

I have merely provided the tip of the iceberg as far as providing both Biblical and scientific reasons why evolution is a deception to get people to reject the authority of the Bible, God’s Word. Evolution stands as a modern-day Goliath strutting its boastful intellectualism against what our Creator has said. Goliath did the same. He strutted his arrogant confidence against the God of Israel and His people, so God defeated him with something small (a boy and a stone). Some evolutionists equate Bible-believers as “flat-earthers,” as if facts are not on our side and that our faith keeps us ignorant. Nothing could be further from the truth. Throughout history, several Christians contributed to the modern scientific method and other contributions. Fairly recently a strong creationist named Raymond V. Damadia designed the MRI machine. Many great scientists also reject evolution—you just never hear them being quoted in worldly literature. There does exist,
however, an arrogant spirit in science ever since the Age of Reason in Europe that stereotypes people who believe in the Bible, and it works hard to suppress truth. But remember what Jesus said about these types: “I praise You, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that You have hidden these things from the wise and intelligent and have revealed them to infants” (Matt.11:25). Today, Christians need to be destroying speculations and
every lofty thing raised up against the knowledge of God (2 Corinthians 10:5), but with gentleness and reverence.


DM – Awesome. I will just forward this as I was not equipped to have this conversation. You are a true mentor!

Dave to DM – Thanks for the feedback and may the Lord anoint those words for whomever sees them – “Not by power nor by strength, but by My Spirit saith the Lord.”

NF – Right on Dave and happy Father’s Day to ya!

CL – Good concise deliverance of your immense body of knowledge!

Dave to CL – Thanks, and let’s hope and pray it gets out to others who are open to the Lord.

RV – Absolutely not throwing any stones here or trying to correct anything. I love your e-
mails. A couple comments:

  1. Assuming it is true, the most convincing thing I ever saw against the idea of evolution/life from non-life was the segment from the Truth Project about cell biology. Humans, scientists included, seem to be arrogant concerning things too small to see. A cell is not remotely a fundamental building block. Breaking down a cell, there’s a whole host of sub-cellular mechanisms that must pre-exist for the cell to function, yet have no function outside the cell. That speaks clearly to the engineer in me 🙂
  2. You made one statement that is kind of dangerous: “I choose not to worship a god that would do his creating in that manner.” Depending on what we eventually learn from God, that could be a bad thing to choose. I heard Bob Lonsberry say the same exact thing concerning “any god” who would allow Jeffery Dahmer into heaven. Unfortunately for Bob, God is the only one with a say in the matter. Without finding any fault with anything you assert, I think there’s plenty of room in scripture for God to someday say to us “What made you think you could possibly understand any of this?”
  3. Christians have worked hard to earn their reputation for being “flat-earthers.” Ultimately, whatever is actually true really IS actually true. I’m sure Christians have found ample biblical evidence to support an earth centered solar system, or anti-semitism or racism or slavery, and they clung mightily and embarrassingly to those errors (celibate priests anyone?). Better we embrace a stance that says we could be wrong on some details and that if something turns out to be an error we’ll embrace the Truth. Just like science can be a idol, trying to disprove it can be too.

Dave to RV – Thanks for your feedback and the spirit in which it was delivered. Your points are well taken. On your first point, I am very familiar with Michael Behe’s book “Darwin’s Black Box” in which he articulates his “irreducible complexity” assertion. Behe, a professor of biochemistry at Lehigh University, claims that each cell is highly complex and all mechanisms need to be fully formed in order for the organism to live and reproduce. We cannot go backward and keep assuming that all body mechanisms had a more primitive physical state as evolutionists do, because that state cannot keep the organism functioning alive. It seems to me that Behe would conclude that the only way we can have life exist as we know it is to have a “sudden poof” and then species can adapt and have some degree of variation within each kind. All this, of course, fits the Genesis account like a glove.

TL – There is a basic form of evolution that does happen – over time a species does change due to mutation and the available genetic pool. But that is a far cry from how evolution is portrayed by most today – originating everything and changing species to another species. It is beyond my comprehension how so many buy into the “evolution did it all” explanation. One day nothing was sitting around pondering nothing and decided to become – something – the universe. Nothing up my sleeve – presto – the universe and all its laws.
Now in this created from nothing universe we get just the right combination of soupy elements, add a little lightning – and you guessed it – presto – a living, single cell. Now quickly this first, single cell decided in its first second of life – I’m lonely – I need to find some company – another me! I’m going to find some way to divide in half – and presto – hey there twin sibling. And the amazing prestos just continues – I want to be more than one
cell – presto a two-celled critter. And at some point ol’ two cell was thinking – hey I don’t have anything to think with – one of us should become – a brain cell! And from there nothing could stem the cell’s (pun intended) creativity – deciding then adding new types of cells, then organs – to naturally wanting to climb out of the water, become an amphibian – no a reptile – no a mammal. And once you conquer changing from species to species – well a chimp isn’t bad, but I want to be a man. It really does take more faith to believe in this form of evolution – than to believe God created it all.

Dave to TL – It is great to hear from you again. Hope all is well. We think alike on this evolution issue – it does indeed take more faith to embrace Darwinism. It sadly demonstrates how and why some humans do this – “And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it” (John 1:5) and “And this is the judgment, that the light is come into the world, and men loved the darkness rather than the light, for their
deeds were evil” (John 3:19). There are spiritual reasons why people trust in the theory of evolution. Unbeknownst to most, science has little to do with it. A revealing quote from a famous evolutionist in Darwin’s time confirms Scripture: “For myself, the philosophy of meaningless was essentially an instrument of liberation, sexual and political.” – Aldous Huxley, “Ends and Means,” p.270ff.

The “basic form of evolution” that you mentioned is not Darwinism, as you rightly pointed out. In fact, it should not even be categorized as any form of evolution because that serves as a smokescreen to deceive students in science. Adaptation is what this is. However, what the evolutionists, as well as the science textbook authors, do is define “evolution” is such general terms that they can get away with this. Defining “evolution” as “change over time” is far too general and is misleading. As we know, God put adapting ability into each species knowing that a fallen world would include environmental stresses. This, of course, has absolutely nothing to do with common ancestry.

The best definition of evolution comes from the the late Father of Biblical Creationism Henry Morris, author of “The Genesis Flood”: “UNKNOWN chemicals in the primordial past…through UNKNOWN processes which no longer exist…produced UNKNOWN life forms which are NOT TO BE FOUND…but could through UNKNOWN reproduction methods spawn new life in an UNKNOWN atmospheric composition in an UNKNOWN oceanic soup complex at an UNKNOWN time and place.”

Thanks so much for your feedback and please keep in touch!