Linda B – I am having trouble forgiving myself. What can I do?

Dave – Great question, and many Christians have said they still need to do this, but it is never mentioned in the Scriptures as something we need to do. Our sins were not against us, they were against others but ultimately against God. God says He has forgiven and removed all our sin and iniquity (sinful state of being). Therefore, if we have truly believed and received His forgiveness, there is nothing more for us to do except forgive others who sin against us. I think if a believer feels they still need to forgive themselves, they have not yet fully received His forgiveness OR, and this is most likely, they are listening to a demonic spirit of condemnation. If so, Romans 8:1 needs to be quoted to that spirit as the thought enters our mind. I’ve used it often. It works.

Linda B – Thank you. I believe you’re right about the demonic spirit. I will keep that verse on my fridge and my bedroom mirror. 🙂


Mark D – I agree that much of the problem of not forgiving ourselves is simply not accepting God’s forgiveness. Sometimes we feel so bad about things that we resist His forgiveness. Sometimes we are so appalled at ourselves that we refuse such a free gift, and still feel in our hearts that somehow we have to work for forgiveness (“It can’t be that easy!” we think.) Sometimes our pride is hit so hard by what we did that we can’t process what we’ve really done–and its repercussions on others or even ourselves. We have to humble ourselves to accept His free give of forgiveness sometimes, and that can often take some time.