Joan: What do you think it means to “Seek His face?” Ps. 27:8,9.

Dave: Wow, good question. The context of Psalms 27 describes David’s yearning to know God intimately. We cannot take the phrase “Seek My face” literally because no sinner can behold the face of God without perishing (Exodus 33:20). Therefore, we can easily and properly interpret this phrase as a metaphor for getting to know God intimately. Metaphors are used hundreds of times in Scripture. For example, when Jesus claimed to be the bread of life, He did not mean He is a loaf of bread. He meant that He is the staple of life, or no one can live without being connected to Him. The only way I know how to become more intimate with a Holy God is to marry my heart to his Word, meditate on His Word, and pray in the name of Jesus. This, I believe, is “seeking His face.” I think it also includes the notion that we are coming to Him with no personal agenda. We just want to know and have the ability to do the right thing.

Mike M (Roman Catholic): quoting from my End-Time prophecy issue:  “a basic rule of interpretation is to assume a passage is literal unless proven figurative.”  How would this apply to Jesus saying “this is my body/blood”?

Dave: The context makes the difference. He also said to cut off your hand if it cause you to sin. He said He was the “bread of life.” He did not mean rye bread or any literal bread. Bread is a staple of physical life so He was claiming to be the One who gives eternal life. He also said His words are “spirit and life” in John. So Jesus establishes Himself as a user of metaphors and figurative language on many occasions. So when He said “this is my body/blood” when referring to the wine and bread, He was not breaking Old Testament Law that forbade the drinking of blood. I know this goes against one of the biggest Roman Catholic beliefs, but it is one of many reasons that I cannot be Roman Catholic. We are saved by faith, not works according to Ephesians 2:8-9. Works includes rituals as well. Participating in rituals alone does not have the power to save a soul. If that wine literally turns into His blood, then according to Jesus, no one can be saved unless they believe this. That would send to hell all protestants and non-denominationalists like myself. I urge you to read the Gospel of John. It’s loaded with great stuff from Jesus. God bless ya Mike, and thanks for asking good questions and being willing to discuss things. I sooo appreciate that in you! Hope you still enjoy that new job!