We all have a true story about how and why we became followers of Jesus Christ. These stories are powerful witnessing tools that should not be neglected. In today’s world, there are many forces working against Christianity and they are out to stifle our story as well. Therefore, encourage yourself in the Lord and watch with anticipation for opportunities to share with someone your story. Pray and think about how to phrase concepts that are vital to their minds to understand. Keep it simple and speak with a love for the person to whom you speak. I’ve had many cultists share their beliefs with me since I surrendered my life to Jesus in 1970. Not one time did I ever get the feeling that they really cared about me as a person. Rather, they only wanted to make me believe what they believe, which is the spirit of error.

This is my story in brief. I was raised by parents who believed in the Bible and in Jesus, and they made me go to church. But by 8th grade, after I formally joined a protestant church in Lockport, NY, they stopped attending…much to my delight. I found church boring. So when God is not in the center of a human heart, something else will be. For me it was sports. They came easy for me and I gained self-esteem from being successful in ice hockey, soccer, and baseball. The trouble was that I had no idea of how much of a sinner I was until I read the Gospel of Matthew during my senior year in college. Although the Jesus Christ Superstar Album of 1970 portrayed a wrong Jesus, there was enough Biblical truth contained in that rock opera to get me curious about what the real Jesus said. I started reading Matthew. Well, Jesus’ words excited me and I wanted to know more. By the 13th chapter I surrendered my whole life and future to Him. Then the change came, and I was on my way…or I should say on His Way.

Falling in love with Jesus and totally giving up our life to Him are the key elements to real salvation. They will not only humble us (which every soul needs) but also produce love for others, even strangers. Months later, I asked God to fill me with everything He’s got so that I would never be faked out by some false way. Instantly I felt something enter my body and mind and I knew at that point that I had really arrived and cemented into His Kingdom, and that He would never let me go. I was baptized in the Holy Spirit and was on my (His) way again. Within two weeks two cults tried to make me into one of them, and it was God’s sovereign protection over me that prevented me to yield to their errors. It was not because I was smart enough to see deception because I did not know the Scriptures well then. It was totally God’s protection over me. I recall at one point the two cultists had me ready to become one of them. Rather than “sealing the deal,” they just looked at each other in confusion as to what to do next! That was the end of 1970 and He still has me going strong in Him. I stand strong only because of Him.


P.T. – Thank you Dave for sharing your testimony, I never tire in hearing someone’s testimony. I also thought it was important you pointed out how some “cults” were ready to take away your joy in becoming a Christian. I’ll never forget a Billy Graham crusade in KC I attended that ended with many responses to the Gospel, but it was what Billy Graham said to those who just confessed Christ (I paraphrase), “As soon as you leave this stadium there will be an attempt by Satan to steal away what you heard tonight.” I too had many temptations to pull me away from Christ when I became saved. I think Satan really hates to lose one of his own.

G.R. – My testimony is almost disturbing to me. I had so many ups and downs with the Lord and in my life, I cannot count them all. My Father died when I was 5 months in my mom’s womb so I never laid eyes on my biological dad. He was a devout Catholic so I was baptized at Sacred heart in 1947. My mother remarried in 1950. My step-dad hated my mom’s 3 kids and showed no interest in any part of my formative years. I grew up with a step-father who despised me because I was Italian. He was an atheist and made fun of all the church people we lived with. I joined the Boy Scouts at Greece Baptist Church and became an Eagle Scout. I was reintroduced to God and earned the God and Country award. I was going to church regularly but later stopped going. My step-father finally wore me down. In 1965, I got married young, had a BAD marriage, and never thought about God and church. I met Kathy in 1979 and she was a devout catholic, and we started going to church occasionally. We married in 1983 and a strange thing happened. Kathy and I traveled a lot and we started seeking out churches and cathedrals to visit. The one on Martinique was phenomenal and the one in Caracus even better. Nothing can top San Francisco though. We were searching I think. My life was a pile of sin. I had a big-time drinking problem. I had a lying problem. I was a piece of junk. A woman named Lisa asked me to go see Tim Lee at the Kodak theater. He is an evangelist. Both his legs were blown off in Vietnam. Tim changed my life, and Lisa led me to the Lord in 1994. I did not really start attending church again regularly until 1999, and then the twins were born. Since then we have joined First Bible Baptist Church and I am now a Deacon. I LOVE the word of God and I LOVE our church.

A.R. – My testimony is quite different from the one above, but it’s ok, it’s different from a Lot of people. Raised non-traditonally in a home that became broken by the time I was in middle school. I was exposed to New Age thinking, the Catholic faith (nearly started the path toward becoming a nun), the Hare Chrishna movement, the Mormon faith, a Presbyterian choir, and a Methodist youth group all Before college. There I hung out at Campus Crusade for Christ with my then boyfriend (now husband :D), I also had friends in Hillel. Was saved by The Lord after Him drawing me through a lovely kind hairdresser and a walk-in visit to CCC in Brockport. 😀