Ed D – I do find it strange that Christ Community Church has traditionally taught that Christ instituted two sacraments, when clearly from the Gospels he instituted three: baptism, foot washing, and communion. Do we just not know how to wash feet or how this sacrament should be carried out?

Dave – Good question.

“There is a difference between foot washing and a sacrament. Jesus was trying to teach His disciples the need for humility and servanthood when He washed their feet. This He did as an example. Jesus said, “I gave you and example that you also should do AS I did to you”(John 13:15). There is, I believe, a significant difference between doing ‘what’ Jesus did and doing something “as” Jesus did. Jesus was serving His disciples out of humility; they should likewise serve each other out of humility. Their humble service was not to be restricted to foot washing. But when Jesus instituted the Lord’s Supper   (Communion) He said, ‘This do in remembrance of Me’ (Luke 22:19). We never see foot washing being practiced by the apostles or anyone else in the Book of Acts or the rest of the New Testament, but we do read that they constantly met together to ‘break bread’ in remembrance of our Lord (Acts 2:42; 20:7; 1 Corinthians 11:17-34).”

Source: What is a Sacrament, and should foot washing (like in John 13) be included like the Lord’s Supper and Baptism? – Bible.org


Nels F (2/26/14) – Great answers here–but last summer I was told by the Lord to wash a international students feet to show him that Jesus wants each of us to serve out of kindness and humility–the student who does not know the Lord was very moved! We serve a mighty God!

Mark (2/26/14) – Great answer, Dave.