Cindi L – Isaiah 53:5 …wounded for our transgressions (sin-direct violation of law)…bruised for our iniquities (propensity or bentness toward wrong)…chastisement of our peace was upon Him …with his stripes we are healed (this healed means PHYSICAL HEALING-cross references + root word).

Can you give more exposition on iniquity and in this case it is plural iniquities in this Scripture? (vs sin) and why bruising (vs death) might be relevant to understanding what we were set free of….

Dave – I think iniquity is having the inclination to sin because we are slaves to sin as you have already stated. So a new born baby would not be guilty of sin yet, but would still have the iniquity inside from Adam’s curse. It will be simply a matter of time for the child’s first actual sin which would include inner wrong desires as well as overt action. In Is. 53:5, “iniquity” is plural perhaps because it refers to all human evil tendencies.

Second question – Physical healing is put right in the midst of this, going along with the benefits we have all received of His redemptive work on the cross for us. This is NOT always manifested as readily as the other spiritual attributes (faith based-experiencing forgiveness, salvation, baptism of Holy Spirit) can be. Why? Or perhaps I should ask why you think it is put in there as though it was immediate upon salvation?


Gary R – Nice job. Thanks for the analysis.

Pat T – “Healing” spoken here I believe means that we can function at our highest level possible in God’s will (including the physical). There is without a doubt much controversy that surrounds healing in the church today and the interpretation of this scripture and likewise the one in James 5. Having a disabled wife for over 20 yrs. who died from her disability (MS) and working among the disabled for more than 25 yrs has brought me to struggle with these healing messages in both the scriptures and the church. I have witnessed far to often many well-meaning Christians burdened many who were disabled (including my wife and myself) saying that if one has enough faith they will be healed–including the so called “word of knowledge” people on the 700 Club. It amazes me that no one has ever “seen” an amputated limb miraculously appear or a Down Syndrome child suddenly become normal or cancerous breasts that have been removed suddenly appear again all healthy. The list can go on and on. It is very cruel to see someone with Cerebral Palsy think they can be made physically normal like everyone else because someone told them so. It grieves me that so many believe that God is some kind of magic machine who will restore all who believe if they just believe enough and claim a healing. My question is, all those who have earnestly prayed for healing believing that it is God’s will to heal them yet died anyway, did they die out of God’s will?

Dave to PT – Die out of God’s will in that case? This is impossible for humans to judge. Hebrews 9:27 states that we are “appointed to die once.” The word “appointed” may simply mean that we all will die due to the fact that we all have sinned. I do like the word “once” because it totally shoots down the eastern religion notion of reincarnation. This verse may or may not mean that God has fixed a certain time in history that individuals MUST die. In any case, God has not given man the ability to know all these things.

Cindi L – I so totally agree with Pat T. I hope you will express to him for me. That is even the reason I brought it up, but it’s such a tough (not understood like I’d like to) scripture for me.

Feedback on physical healing:

Marsha H (10/7/13) – Hi Dave, wow…does this touch my heart. Sometimes I wonder if it is a matter of faith.. I often pray, ” Lord I believe, help my unbelief.” After [my husband] Dan died from complications which developed from MS…despite all the prophesy and words spoken over him for healing, and then when Jody and Josh (his two children) were diagnosed with the disease, I continue to seek the scriptures and hold on to His promises. No matter what, we have to trust God. Recently, I have heard of some miraculous deeds! Chris O’Reilly prayed over a baby born dead who came back to life; prayed for a breech baby to turn, and she turned. Last week, Julie encountered a woman carrying a lifeless baby out of her apartment and screaming for help. She ran over and declares that the Lord just showed her what to do. She began hitting the baby on the back and telling the spirit of death to release the baby in Jesus name and commanded life to return. The baby is alive today because our wonderful Lord gives us wisdom and sometimes uses us to be His hands and feet on the Earth today. Why some are healed and some are not …I am resolved in believing it is God’s business. I will just continue to “knock” and claim promises for my children, until He comes. One thing is for sure…”He never leaves us or forsakes us!” Thanks for letting me spout off…:)

Dave to Marsha – Dearest sister in Christ, you’ve got all the right attitude when answers to tough questions will not be answered. God bless. Great to hear from you again!