Melissa H. – This last QA reminded me of a question my dad had asked me several weeks ago about whether dinosaurs did exist. My response was that they did, but I was only basing my reasoning on the skeletons I’ve seen in the museums (I haven’t really researched it). For your study on Genesis 1, you said that birds came before dinosaurs, thus, stating dinosaurs did exist. Dinosaurs were created before man; however, only by one day. So man and dinosaurs were living together on the earth?

Dave – Thanks for your question. If the history of the earth is only 6,000-10,000 years, then man and dinosaurs did co-exist. This is a difficult sell to our society today because it has been thoroughly evolutionized in its thinking rather than what the Bible says. Many think that science has proven beyond any doubt that evolution is true and that earth is billions of years old. We hear this propaganda every where from Barney the kids’ dinosaur to Nova to public schools, Bill Nye, the late Carl Sagan, and unfortunately, many Christian colleges. Indeed, the mantra of “billions of years ago” permeate the very fabric of our society…and it is dead wrong.

For those open-minded enough to see it, there is good evidence for man and dinos living at the same time. In Peru, there are thousands of works of pottery that have pictures of dinosaurs interacting with man. Indian tribes that lived in western US have described the “piasaw” bird and being a pterodactyl. These have been seen in parts of Africa today. “Loch Ness monsters” have been spotted worldwide for many years and I have concluded, based on the consistency of those descriptions, they are plesiosaurs. Young-earth creationists do not have a problem with this issue as do the evolutionists. In recent years, evolutionists were embarrassed when a coelacanth fish, long assumed to be extinct for 70 million years, was caught alive off the coast of Madagascar. If the earth is only thousands of years old, evolution collapses totally, so they will fight to their death maintaining the billions of years paradigm.

Many reptilian “sea monsters” were seen by sailors before the invention of the motor. Sailing ships could approach these dinosaurs quietly, but motors make too much noise, especially through water. I assume sightings were cut sharply once motors took over is due to the noise factor. The things can hear boats coming miles away and get scared off. In addition, most ships know where the sea currents are and now travel in those “lanes.” So modern ships do not even travel in many places of the oceans now. In other words, there is plenty of room for plesiosaurs to frolic and thrive without being detected by humans.

The Bible itself yields fantastic evidence that man lived with dinosaurs. The description of the beast called behemoth in chapter 40 reminds us of the appatasaurus, not an elephant or a hippo as some Bible translators, who had been evolutionized, maintain. The biblical description is so specific, especially the tail, that there is no way it is describing any common animal seen living today. Behemoth was a creature that God said Job could see. It was not some fairy tale He was telling him.

We do not find the term “dinosaur” in ancient historical accounts because the word was not coined until 1841 by Sir Richard Owen. There are many accounts of dragons and sea monsters, however. While some may be folklore and not based on fact, others have credibility.

Finally, in 2005 evolutionist researcher Dr. Mary Schweitzer found soft tissue in a T-Rex thigh bone. She kept on saying she could not believe what she was seeing! If that Dino died millions of years ago, there is no way under the sun that any soft tissue would remain. If it died thousands of years ago, some soft tissue could be found. Evolutionists, however, MUST cling to billions of years because if they don’t, evolution is out and creationism is the only alternative to gravitate toward…and for some scientists that is unthinkable.

I think it is safe to say that most dinosaurs are extinct, but some were able to survive the drastic climatic changes following the Flood of Noah. When the animals got off the Ark, God told Noah that He would put the fear of man into those animals and that mankind could now kill animals for food. So this was probably God’s way of protecting the animals from instant annihilation at the hands of the next couple of human generations. It also could explain why modern sightings are not as common place as we would think. The Congo, the example, has a swamp the size of Florida. Over the years several people have seen what seems to be a smaller version of the appatasaurus. Dr. Roy Mackel, retired professor at the University of Chicago, found footprints that would substantiate this claim. This swamp is so perilous for humans that few venture into it which creates a nice human-free zone for these creatures. In my seminars, I give a lot more time and detail on this issue. It is one that I hesitate to bring up with people who do not believe in the Bible, however. It’s just too far out on the limb for them to accept.

Nels F. – Very interesting thanks for showing me things I didn’t know or understand before–God bless ya!

Alona R. (12/4/13) – Thank you for the concise information. And just in the last few weeks there have
been 2 famous catches that were huge and almost indescribable in terms of any other sea creatures!