Chris L: What does it actually mean to believe/accept Jesus? We like to say it’s not what we ‘do’ but then don’t we turn around and say, ‘well, you do have to do this thing called accepting’ – what do we mean?

Dave:¬†Believing in and accepting Jesus as our Lord and Savior rejects the idea that we can do enough good to merit eternal life with God. Rather it accepts the fact that we are helpless to save ourselves and therefore put our total trust in Jesus’ death and resurrection to cancel all our sin on Judgment Day. Either we believe this or we don’t. Therefore the only “doing” that we do is believe (although good works will automatically follow real faith as James 2:18 states).

Feedback so far:

LS: Receive is a better word because salvation (what Jesus offers) is a gift. There is no pride, good works or glory in receiving something that we could never provide for ourselves =).

GR: Brother Dave, that is as good and succinct explanation of believing in our Lord Jesus Christ that I have seen. I would only add that it is important to reject our sin and repent of our sin on a daily basis as part of our walk with Jesus.