Nelson – While doing my readings and prayer time this morning, I came upon this – “No one knows about that day or hour not even the angels of heaven nor the Son but only the Father”– Matt. 24:36. If The Father, Son and Holy Ghost are one, how could they not all know when Jesus will return? I’m excited about His soon return but my old mind often wonders about such things. Should I just praise the Lord and not question things like this?

DAVE: No, I believe we should always question things as long as it comes from the proper spirit. Your question is a good one. First, the Word does not say that the Holy Spirit does not know the hour of Christ’ return, only the Son. The key to understanding how Jesus is God yet the Son of God at the same time is found in Philippians Chapter 2. When God existed on earth as a Son, He was limiting Himself to play a role that could learn to submit to a higher authority (Hebrew 5:8). While limiting Himself in this role, He could not be omnipresent like the Father in heaven. Perhaps this was the only time when God good be tempted to sin, although I’m not sure. Jesus also did not have unlimited knowledge – He did not know the hour of His return as you have quoted from the Bible. I think He knows now, but not during those 3+ years of “in-person ministry.” I’ve wondered if Jesus could explain Euclidean geometry or how the pyramids were built or explain airplane flight before its invention or state all the laws of physics. Not that this is very important, but it’s just the way my mind works. I want to know Him intimately.